The poetic image of a truck with the company name Troost, which Fadenka observed from an intercity, formed the starting point for this work. By referring to the DHL delivery service logo, Fadenka transforms a personal experience – seeing the truck- into something political. The vicious circle of wagons represents our continuous overconsumption behaviour. With this work Fadenka tries to question our contemporary throwaway society: how much consolation do we need? Making artificial matter disappear in a black pit is difficult, but can we break this vicious circle by making conscious choices?

This work also symbolise Fadenka’s relationship with the materialistic world. On the one hand, she gets a lot of consolation from creating. On the other hand, she often feels an enormous resistance: everything she makes feels like a too much for this already material-filled world.

This polarities can make her feel down. what brings her back to the beginning of the consolation cycle: creating.


2023 Culturele haven Tankstation Enschede
2022 CareFull-Muntgebouw Utrecht
2021 Van wie is de wereld? – Museum de Fundatie (group)
2021 Van wie is de wereld? – Museum de Fundatie (group)
2018 5 jaar Zumbrink Prijs- Vishal Haarlem (group)
2018 Graduation Show – HKU