schoonlopen, #squatgoals

A sports suit designed especially to be able to collect litter during sports. Although this work could be described as functional, the conceptual gesture is paramount to Fadenka. With this suit Fadenka tries to change people’s view on litter. She transforms the heavily loaded subject of litter into a humorous concept named Schoonlopen (Cleanwalking in English). In collaboration with fashion designer Linda Plaude, she designed a sports suit to collect waste with a squatting motion while running. A wish for a toned butt suddenly makes a positive impact on the environment. Aesthetically, Fadenka makes choices based on garbage collectors outfits and contemporary sportswear. With this work she tries to capture not only the theme surrounding litter, but also a Western zeitgeist that seems to focus a lot on looks and appearance.


2018 Graduation Show – HKU
2018 5 jaar Zumbrink Prijs (group)